Giant Bell Tent

The green and white Giant Bell Tent goes up for the first time in Kew Gardens, Wakehurst.

An Outdoor Classroom

We were thrilled when Kew Gardens got in touch earlier this year to commission one of our Giant Bell tents for their learning programme at Wakehurst Place.

Susan Allen, director of the Learning Programme told us ” We wanted an outdoor classroom, where school groups spending the day at Kew can gather for lunch and activities. We came across Curious Tent Hire on Google images, the Bell tent really stood out.”

Our first visit to Kew

A big bonus of our job is that tent deliveries often take us to fantastic new places in the UK. Kew gardens at Wakehurst looked stunning this Spring – the magnolia and blossom trees were in full bloom and the lawns were awash with pink and white petals.

Now in use

The Learning Programme, which welcomes hundreds of primary, secondary and adult students each year, is now making fantastic use of its new outdoor classroom. For students of all ages, this is a valuable out-of-classroom learning experience, “promoting understanding of plant biology and the environment”.

And we’ve had some great feedback. The Ginat Bell Tent “has created a great additional space for us . We have used it asĀ  a classroom, lunch space in poor weather, a base for half term activities, in the summer it was also the base for traditional games throughout the summer holidays and its final function of the year was a family activities area for our Bountiful Botanics weekend”

What else?

Kew at Wakehurst is also home to The Millennium Seed Bank which has “successfully banked over 13% of the world’s wild plant species”.

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