The Artful Badger at Wilderness Festival

The Badger Set

In the wilderness at Wilderness festival 2014, we found ourselves camping amongst a colony of badgers…but not as you know them.

Introducing The Artful Badger ‘a wild performance production company’. A wonderful, colourful, scandalous clan of dancers, artists and visionaries on a mission to help us get moving, release some of our inhibitions and above all get in touch with our wild side.

What’s on offer

Let yourself be lured into the woods for a 5 rhythms dance workshop; take part in a  group dance technique called ‘flocking’, make a mask to become your inner animal, or perhaps get swept up in riotous ‘stampede’.

Primitive, powerful, playful and lots of fun; their workshops were one of our festival highlights of 2014.  Here’s what the Curious Tent Hire crew got up to:

Jo met the badgers at their ‘sett’- the Curious Tent Hire yurt had been transformed with a tangled mass of branches and coloured lights – for a deep dance journey. From there Jo was led into the depths of ancient virgin woodland at the Cornbury Park Estate in Oxfordshire for a 5 rhythms dance experience to ‘put the body in motion in order to still the mind’. She emerged inspired and invigorated.

We took our 4 year old daughter Freya to experience ‘flocking’ in our 42′ Bell Tent at the kids area. For the adults this was a gentle family workout and a bit of fun. For Freya it was transformational. Like venturing through the wardrobe into Narnia, Freya entered a magical world, where beautiful feathered creatures led children in a free-spirited dance. She was captivated and danced her way through the rest of the weekend.

Get involved

berber tent

Our berber tent makes a
fantastic workshop space.

So folks, if you go down to the woods today, you better go in disguise…the dress code leans towards glitter, lycra and face paint with a strong animal theme. We say find out more and don’t miss out on any opportunity for some wild revelry with The Artful Badgers.

Giant Bell Tent

Our giant Bell Tents make for a stunning festival venue.

Find out more about The Artful Badger

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