supporting the bee cause at friends of the earth busking stage wilderness festival

supporting the bee cause at friends of the earth busking stage wilderness festival

Friends of The Earth Busking Stage

There’s a lot on offer at Wilderness Festival. The programme is jam-packed with things to do and places to go and there’s many a high-profile gig to attend. So you might be surprised to know that one location we always seem to gravitate to is The Friends of The Earth Busking Stage.

In the sceheme of things, this is a modest set-up. The line-up isn’t printed in the glossy programme like everything else. Instead you have to do the leg work. This means walking all the way from crew camping, through two fields, to the stage itself and then searching out a chalky list of bands scrawled on a little blackboard. But its worth it. Nearly every time I’ve made this pilgrimage, my effort has been rewarded with some fantastic gigs that feel like a bit of a secret.

It works like this

Friends of the Earth, the environmental experts, come to Wilderness festival to promote Their ‘Bee Cause’ Campaign. They dress up in furry yellow suits, they dance around, they give you stickers and ask you to sign petitions. Its about rasing awarness of the vital role played by bees and how we can help them out of crisis.

And because its for such an important cause, cracking bands migrate from from across the festival to play cosier, more intimate gigs that support Friends of The Earth and the bees. What’s not to like?

Curious Tent Set up

This year we set up two of our woodsman’s awnings to create The Friends of the Earth Busking Stage and a sheltered sound booth/seating area opposite. We danced by night and in the rain to The Turbans and The John Langan Band; we listened in the sunshine to Theo Bard; and we stumbled across plenty of other gems this year.

The Bee Cause

Follow the friendly people in bright yellow suits for more fun next summer. Or find out more about the ‘Bee Cause’ online today

Our woodsman's awning. Perfect for small outdoor stages.

Our woodsman’s awning. Perfect for small outdoor stages.

Find out more about The Turbans

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