The Garden Station, Langley, Northumberland

The Garden Station, Langley, Northumberland

The Garden Station

A Victorian railway station has been transformed into a garden cafe. An enchanting wedding venue to discover in Northumberland.


The Langley station was originally built in 1867 on the Hexham to ‘Catton Road’ (now Allen Mills)line. You can still walk that line today ; though the track has all but disappeared, the route leads you through stretches of open field and beautiful tracts of woodland.

The Garden Station cafe

The little station building is still standing there on the platform – though now it too looks quite different. The glass front, with its sliding doors, looks down onto the old line, which has been transformed into a long stretch of garden. There’s a lawn along the middle where the track would have been, and its boarders are planted high with a colourful mix of cottage garden and woodland flowers. The raised platform is dotted with picnic tables where you can sit outside to enjoy the surroundings with your cup of tea and cake from the cafe.

What to expect: Charming, floral, home-made.

“There’s something magical about the grounds and the history here” says Phillipa Wearing who runs the Garden Station. And the Cafe? Its “an extension of my living room – a family space”. This is a family venture run on enthusiasm and passion, “I love cooking and baking and my mum Jill is the gardener.”

So, what should we try on our next visit? “Carrot cake with marscapone icing is our most popular cake, I can’t seem to make enough of that one!”

Woodland Weddings

Follow the old line a little way into the woodland, which edges the Garden Station, and you come to a clearing large enough to erect a tent. An out-of the way spot for a free-spirited wedding in the wilderness.

Couples can get married in the old station, or standing on the threshold. Then guests can move into the woods for a tented reception.

“This is a great alternative venue for couples who want something different” says Phillipa. The Garden Station provide catering, a licensed bar, home-made wedding cakes and even seasonal bouquets picked from the garden.

Bell Tent

Our 42ft Bell Tent makes a
stunning venue for a woodland
wedding at the Garden Station

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