Simon Luard, founder of Luardos, ready to serve up his famous burritos at Wilderness Festival 2014


Bringing Mexican food to a festival near you

Festivals make us hungry. Even after we’ve set up the tents, there’s still camping, dancing, wandering through fields and staying up late…it doesn’t take the Curious Tent crew long to work up an appetite.

Our favourite place to go for lunch, dinner or an afterhours bite is a burrito van called Mary. Seriously. And because they’re cooked by cousin Simon, we get freebies. Yes!

This summer at Wilderness Festival, whilst dancing in ‘The Village Hall’ to the wonderful sounds of Gwendolen Chatfield and the Old Accord, Oran popped over to order food for all the crew. Heaven! As the wild rumpus continued around us, we feasted on the tastiest slow-cooked beef and veggie burritos we’ve ever tasted. Ever.

Its all in the ingredients

Simon says ‘It’s all about the Ingredients. Course it is. From 7am to 11.15am we’ll be prepping: fresh tomato salsa, habanero hot sauce, “special” guacamole and tender slow cooked meats, plus all the other burrito ingredients. It’s all made fresh that day and someone always eats any leftovers till there’s no food left!’

Even the hungriest man (that’s Oran) was more than satisfied. Apparently, it could be the lettuce that accounts for the post-burrito-coma some of us experienced. Iceberg Lettuce; contains Lactucarium “Lettuce Opium” – which helps you get to sleep. Well, who would have thought it?

Taste it for yourself

If you missed out on Luardos this summer, catch up with them for a Burrito hit in London.  Look out for their unmistakable blue and pink vans on Whitecross Street, Kings Cross and Brockley Market.


Luardos uses a custom-made awning
as a field kitchen at festivals.

Tell them we sent you.


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