Maike at her workbench; the studio adjoins her little gallery at Calgary, Isle of Mull.

Maike at her workbench. The studio adjoins her little gallery in Calgary on the Isle of Mull. Photo by Sarah Darling Photography.

An island jeweller

Maike is my favourite jeweller. She makes rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings by hand from her studio on the Isle of Mull. And they are exquisite. Tactile, delicate jewellery inspired by natural forms, textiles and her travels – from the hills of Scotland to the cities of India.

Maike moved to Mull over a year ago to take posession of a room at the Arts Centre in Calgary Bay, which she transformed into a studio space and gallery. You can walk the white windswept beach of Calgary Bay and follow the trail up through the woods to Maike’s studio. And what a find it is. Everything inside – from the display tables to the jewellery – is handmade, recycled, restored. A treasure trove.

Jewellery with heart

Maike’s speciality is wedding rings. Made on request and with the wearers in mind. Simple bands in gold and silver, cut-outs inspired by the Sol range, rings roll-printed with delicate shapes.


Recently we realised that Tim and Meghan, a couple using our tents for their wedding, had also discovered Maike. They had asked for tuition in making rings for one other:

This weekend some friends from Edinburgh took the long drive and ferry journey over to Mull for an important weekend. The couple were here to spend the weekend in my workshop, learning to make their wedding rings. They brought with them a box of treasures, including two tiny silver bracelets, given to Meghan as a child. After a morning of designing and testing we came up with a simple ring design using the two bracelets; the silver band would wrap around the finger twice, overlapping and creating a symbol of unison.

Host your wedding in our Berber tent.

Host your wedding in our Berber tent.



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