In action. The flying seagulls enterain kids at Wilderness Festival

In action. The flying seagulls enterain kids at Wilderness Festival

“Starboard! Port! Starboard! Port! Now say ‘Aaaaaarrrrgh!'”

Follow the sound of rowdy shouts, trumpet blasts and raucous laughter and you’ll find yourself face to face with The Flying Seagulls. They’re the heart and soul of the kid’s area at all our favourite festivals; ‘ Spreading joy…through music, art, circus, dance and theatre.’

They’ll coach your kids in piracy; have them dressing up as clowns or performing circus skills; and they’ll encourage all manner of silliness and fun. Beware parents – they’ll do their darndest to rope you in too!

Making a difference

The Curious Tent Hire crew are big fans of the Seagulls. Not just because we love bringing our kids to their whacky workshops but because of their noble mission to ‘enhance the lives of underprivileged children through creative activities’. The Flying Seagulls Project is a registered charity working with kids and communities in the UK, Romania, Albania and Ghana to offer creative opportunities. They’re making a difference. And they’re very good at what they do.

What they do

At Secret Garden Party, when the festival was fast asleep, we took part in early morning family yoga with Bash Perrin, leader of the Seagulls. Adults and kids together stretching our sleepy bodies in the shade of the Seagull’s very own Curious awning. We’ve played at pirates, had our faces painted and tried out some of their circus toys. There’s always fun to be had when they’re around.

Catch them on their festival tour throughout the summer months. Or find out more on their Facebook page:

Our woodsman's awning.

Our awning. Perfect for smaller festival
stages and workshop spaces.



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