chocolate rose truffles

Pia’s hand-rolled rose chocolate truffles ready for a banquet.


Pia Castleton of The Wild Orchard is a talented chef with a taste for the seasonal and the exotic. She specialises in wedding banquets, celebration feasts and delicious buffet nibbles. Pia also runs foraging workshops and a regular pop-up restaurant in Newcastle, it’s called ‘The Semibreve supper club’.

What to expect

Exciting new flavours; a surprising twist on the seasonal; attention to detail. Whether simple or elaborate, she has a gift for bringing fresh new tastes to seasonal produce.

From the Garden to the Kitchen

I’m a self taught chef with one foot in the garden and another in the kitchen.

I’m often found in the countryside collecting fantastic wild produce; I’ve foraged and grown vegetables for many years and this is integral to the way I view food. I have an open mind for invention. My dream is to have a forest garden with a restaurant on site: one day I will walk through The Wild Orchard!

What inspires the food you cook?

I’m inspired by what grows on our doorstep and by my travels. I look for vibrancy and decadent simplicity. The Moro cookbooks are a huge inspiration, as is Ottolenghi. I like to create dishes in a similar way, layering textures and tastes into their vibrant best.

Pia’s kitchen

We eat a lot of wild foods at home and veggies from our allotment and garden. My home kitchen is very small! It is piled high with spices and at the moment – demijohns of hedgerow wines are bubbling away – they’ll be Christmas gifts.

I’ve worked from tented kitchens in fields, kitchens in castles and in the woods so I’m adaptable!

Top tip for getting the most out of a wedding meal

Choose a menu that incorporates your favourite foods. Small details really add your big day- specially designed preserves and pickles, hedgerow cocktails.

If you’re on a budget, sharing dishes presented at the centre of the table are a great way to bring your guests together and dining this way cuts out a lot of the waiting staff costs whilst bringing people together.

Taste it for yourself

The semibreve supper club is hosting events in a range of venues across the North East so watch that space!

Our yurt. The perfect field kitchen.

Our yurt. The perfect field kitchen.

The Wild Orchard

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